The Importance of Choosing a Good Keywords

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Choosing a good keywords for our website, in theory may seem relatively simple, however, in practice is something much more complex, since the success of a keyword depends on many factors, and can also mean the difference between the Triumph or failure of our project.
What is a Keyword? Keywords are nothing more and nothing less than the keywords that users will use to perform a search on Google, Bing ... That is, are the exact words by which a potential customer will find your site on the internet.
1.Keyword Types
There are several types of keywords, but we can classify them into two large groups, which would be: Brand KeywordsGeneral keywords The first are those that contain the name of your web page, such as ""; "Miweb" or "". These are really useful especially if we want to differentiate our brand from others. This is the strategy followed by large companies such as Coca-Cola.
The generals are simply those …

How to speed up indexing of web content

Sorry for my bad English. There are two issues regarding the indexing of content on the Internet with respect to search engines. The first one is that indexing is not immediate, that is to say that something is not published directly by positioning it in the search engine. And, secondly, all websites are not indexed at the same speed, so there may be a competition website that publishes content similar to ours later and indexed before.
What is indexing a web content
One of the main reasons why the operation of indexing on the Internet is not correctly understood is the lack of understanding of its meaning. The indexing of a web content implies that a robot belonging to the company responsible for the search engine, has identified new content on the Internet, tracked it and sent it to the algorithm of the search engine, which subsequently positions this result with respect to the rest of the content already existing.
The indexing process is never immediate, but it can be very fast. It i…

How to improve the speed of your website

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When it comes to getting a good position, there are fundamental factors that we do not always give the importance they deserve. One of these factors is the loading speed of the web.
If the waiting time is too high, Google is not going to have as much consideration as a website that loads quickly because it will consider it a bad experience for the user, therefore, you must know how to improve the speed of your website To achieve a better positioning.

Likewise an improvement in the upload speed, will improve optimize the GoogleBot tracking budget.
It has also been proven that in large webs such as Facebook or Google more, a waiting time of about 0.1 seconds more, can cause substantial drops in revenue and visits, so, if you have not yet improved Web speed, get to it.
What factors influence the speed of charge?
Obviously the Hosting that we have contracted has a fundamental weight in the time of loading of our web. It is not the same a Hosting that cos…

How to get the free domain for a blog

In this post you will find several ways to get a free domain for your blog in a normal way, without stories, or traps, if you need a name for your free blog I propose several options.
There are several ways to get a free domino for a blog, some companies give it next to the first year of hosting, there are also free domain registrations during the first year if you pay 5 years to buy and other totally free forms that are the ones that interest us Because they do not link to purchases, they have been working for a long time and are very simple.
Speaking clearly with a good Hosting company registering a domain including VAT round 14.95 a year in a .com in .es is something cheaper, as you see a euro and a month per month, so if you want to have A serious project a free domain will not get you out of poverty.
Free domains during ... .. or in exchange for ...
There are companies of hosting providers that give away the registration of a domain with the hosting that you contract. This option i…

Accelerate your Android device without third-party apps

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Currently we use our Smartphone practically for everything, since it is our multimedia device, agenda, gaming platform, communication and many other uses. So much use, and so varied can slow down our mobile device. An easy and simple solution is to install some optimizer and / or cleaning application, but it is not always necessary because with a few simple steps we can optimize the system and keep it clean.
Manual RAM dump
RAM is an important part of our system, because it depends to a large extent on the fluidity of it, it is good to know how applications use RAM.
Removing applications that are in the background, it is advisable to remove only the one that we have opened to use in a timely manner.Minimize the amount of Widgets on your desktop.Avoid using animated wallpapers, since in addition to RAM, it also consumes processor resources. Do not always remove applications from multitasking eliminates the application from running, one way to do this would be as…

GTA vice city pc game passwords

During the game, enter the following codes.
ABITDRIEG: Overcast weather.

AHAIRDRESSERSCAR: Vehicles turn pink

AIRSHIP: The boats fly

ALOVELYDAY: Lovely time in grand Theft Auto Vice City

APLEASANTDAY: Nice weather.

ASPIRINE: Health 100% and if you write it when you are inside a vehicle (any type of vehicle), it will recover if it is broken or about to burn.


BIG BANG: Exploit nearby cars.


CANTSEEATHING: Day with fog.

CATSANDDOGS: Rainy time.

CERTAINDEAD: Tommy starts smoking.



CHICKSWITHGUNS: Women in bikinis with guns.

DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS: Tommy wins a few pounds.
FANNYMAGNET: Women harass you.
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT: People start to fight.
FOXYLITTLETHING: Play as Mercedes.
GETTHEREFAST: Car Saber Turbo.
GETTHEREQUICKLY: Your car goes faster.
GREENLIGHT: All traffic lights in green.

GTA San Andreas PC game passwords

LXGIWYL: Type 1 weapons. KJKSZPJ: Type 2 weapons. UZUMYMW: Weapons type 3. SPEEDFREAK: All cars with nitro. MUNASEF: You will activate the adrenaline mode. ASNAEB: To remove the stars. MROEMZH: All streets full of bands. HESOYAM: Health and armor at the top, plus $ 250,000 more. FOOOXFT: All people will go armed. CPKTNWT: For the cars to explode. BAGOWPG: You'll have to kill a bounty hunter, so be careful. OSRBLHH: The police will look for you with 2 more stars. FULLCLIP: So you do not run out of ammunition anymore. BAGUVIX: Immortal. CVWKXAM: You will not drown. XICWMD: To have an indestructible car. CIKGCGX: For parties on the beach. SZCMAWO: Suicide. BRINGITON: Your search level will be 6 stars. YLTEICZ: Driving totally aggressive. NATURALTALENT: Driving without fail. ZEIIVG: Traffic lights always in green. IOWDLAC: Black traffic. LLQPFBN: Pink traffic. GHOSTTOWN: Little traffic. BLUESUEDESHOES: Elvis is the king and therefore you will only find him. YSOHNUL: The clock will go very fast. SPEEDITUP: The g…